Visible Geology free app brings earth science to gaming  

3D app launched by Seequent aims to revolutionise science education and tackle the global shortage of earth scientists. 

A free new game app gives players an immersive, intuitive and fun gaming experience while educating them on the state of our planet. Visible Geology has been launched by technology company Seequent, which usually specialises in helping organisations in 150 countries to ‘understand the underground’, such as in developing critical mineral resources more sustainably.  

Student using the Visible Geology app on a computer

Photo courtesy of Seequent

But there’s a global shortage of earth scientists. In 2020, a joint report by the Geological Society of London and University Geoscience UK cited a 43% drop in the number of students studying geology since 2014, with similar reductions reported elsewhere. Faced with this alarming problem, the team at Seequent wanted to find a way to revolutionise education in this vital subject and inspire and the next generation. 

The new app was developed in partnership with game development studio CerebralFix, which has a wealth of experience in creating innovative interactive, digital experiences for well-known companies such as Disney, Dreamworks and Pixar.   

Traditionally, this kind of subject is taught using traditional 2D and paper-based methods. Visible Geology offers immersive 3D modelling via a simple, intuitive, cloud-based interface so that players can explore core samples, cross sections, intrusions and topographies. The app is also free, without subscription.  

Dr Kate Pedley, Geology Lecturer at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, was part of the Visible Geology testing process with her students and is already incorporating Visible Geology into her undergraduate courses. Dr Pedley says: ‘Visible Geology is intuitive and easy to use. Students can play around with it and have a bit of fun and it builds understanding in a way that complicated 2D maps can’t. Visible Geology builds a bridge for students to the professional geoscience software they will use in their careers.’ 

Chelsea Rapp, Co-CEO of CerebralFix, adds: ‘Video games have an incredible ability to transform education by blending immersive experiences with interactive learning. They are much more than just entertainment; applications like Visible Geology are dynamic tools that empower learners to explore and experiment in ways that traditional methods cannot match.’ 

Graham Grant, CEO of Seequent, says: ‘We are passionate about inspiring the next generation of earth scientists. We know how critical earth scientists are to understanding the earth’s resources and solving some of the world’s most urgent and complex challenges – from climate resilience to the energy transition. With falling enrolments and older professionals retiring, there is a workforce crisis ahead that is set to impact our way of life. That’s why we have taken our world-leading expertise in earth science software and brought in gaming expert CerebralFix to build Visible Geology and make it available to everyone, for free.’ 

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