Lit routing in Leicester to show the safe path home

New addition to successful Choose How You Move app from SkedGo shows pedestrians safe routes covered by street lighting and CCTV 

An update to an app aims to make city streets safer and more inclusive for residents of Leicester. The city council had already partnered with mobility solutions specialist SkedGo. In 2022, they  developed a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) app, Choose How You Move, in a bid to promote active travel and reduce carbon emissions from transport. Now the app has been modified with night-time safety in mind. 

Screen shots from Skedgo's Choose How You Move app. On the left, a daytime map of streets with sun; on the right, a night-time map of streets with moon, marked showing well-lit route

Image courtesy of SkedGo

By day, the app continues to guide users to quick, healthy and convenient pedestrian routes through the city. By night, a new ‘Lit Routing’ option offers routes that are well-lit and covered by CCTV.  

It’s a relatively simple addition and yet makes a significant contribution to people’s peace of mind in navigating the city after dark. At the same time, it’s hoped that this new feature of the app can help to open up the city’s amenities to a wider group of residents, making for a more inclusive community. 

The team behind Lit Routing are confident that the tech could be adapted to suit other cities and regions. 

John Nuutinen, CEO at SkedGo, says: ‘Lit Routing is more than just a feature; it’s our commitment to ensuring more accessible journeys for everyone in Leicester. We believe in leveraging technology to break down barriers to mobility and with Lit Routing we’re shining a light on the path to inclusivity.’ 

The safety of our streets is, of course, a major concern at the moment. In October, the government announced a further £42m for its Safer Streets Fund which aims to tackle neighbourhood crime, violence against women and girls (VAWG) and antisocial behaviour (ASB). With this new money, a total of £167m has been provided for the fund since it was established in 2020, funding 413 individual projects across England and Wales. That includes the rollout of extra CCTV and streetlighting. 

From the new funding, £960,591.44 has been awarded to projects in Leicestershire.  

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